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Legend of the Red Dragon

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L.O.R.D. Add-Ons

By Gary Hartzell

The following is a list of IGMs I have written for Legend of the Red Dragon. The zipped archive contains full documentation for installation into your LORD game. All these programs are freeware, and may be distributed, unaltered, anywhere.

Gateway Scripts

All the following programs require LORD (registered) 3.5 or higher and The Gateway 1.0 or higher.

Download the latest version of LORD (Version 4.06, Unregistered shareware)
Download the latest version of The Gateway (Version 1.1, freeware)

The Abandoned Mines

Current Version: 1.12 (04/10/02)
You travel a great distance to get to the Abandoned Mines. If the rumors are true, there are great fortunes in gold to be found here. There is also the chance that you will never return. Will you emerge rich or will you fall victim to the tormented souls of this long ago deserted mine?

Download The Abandoned Mines v1.12

Trick or Treat

Current Version: 1.01 (02/06/02)
It's your favorite night of the year -- Halloween night! You grab the biggest bag you could find, throw a white sheet over your head, and rush out the door!

Have fun, but be careful of poisoned goodies!

Download Trick or Treat v1.01

Garrison's Training Center

Current Version: 1.0 (08/25/01)
Enter the Training Center to receive some extra help in your quest to slay the Red Dragon. Train with Court early on, and once you have become a more advanced warrior, train with the Great Garrison, himself. Chances to improve your strength, defense, and endurance every day!

Download Garrison's Training Center v1.0

Merry Christmas

Even in the realm of the Dragon, folks celebrate Christmas. See what Santa has left in your stocking.

Download Merry Christmas v1.01.

Other LORD Scripts

The following are other scripts I have written for LORD. These include LADY scripts for use within the Forest, Outlands Tavern IGM scripts, and LORD Cavern IGM scripts.

It is strongly recommended that you use the latest version of LORD; especially for LADY scripts.

Download the latest version of LORD (Version 4.06, Unregistered shareware)
Download the latest version of The Outlands Tavern (v1.4, Freeware)

The Outlands Tavern RHP Pack #1

Included in this file you will find three random happenings you can add to Jason Brown's Outlands Tavern IGM. Guaranteed to add some adult oriented fun to your Legend of the Red Dragon game. Download The Outlands Tavern RHP Pack #1